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Esophagus: Current Topic Review Article

Classification Article type Article title Author Year Vol Issue Page
食道癌内視鏡手術(鏡視下手術) Current Topics Review Article Video-assisted thoracoscopic esophagectomy: keynote lecture Miguel A. Cuesta; Nicole van der Wielen; Jennifer Straatman; Donald L. van der Peet 2016 64 7 380–385
食道癌集学治療 Current Topics Review Article Neoadjuvant therapy for advanced esophageal cancer: the impact on surgical management Masahiko Ikebe; Masaru Morita; Manabu Yamamoto; Yasushi Toh 2016 64 7 386–394
食道手術手技 Current Topics Review Article Reconstruction after esophagectomy for esophageal cancer patients with a history of gastrectomy Masayuki Watanabe; Shinji Mine; Koujiro Nishida; Takanori Kurogochi; Akihiko Okamura; Yu Imamura 2016 64 8 457–463
食道がん手術の歴史 Review Article Anesthesia of Torek's operation: the first successful resection of a cancer in the thoracic esophagus—an abridged translation of an essay in Japanese Hiromasa Fujita 2017 65 2 80–84