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理事長  田林 晄一
副理事長 三好新一郎
会長   上田 裕一


Dear administrators of the JATS,

Without knowledge of the personal e-mail of my colleagues from Japan I direct to you my message asking you that you to transfer it to the  President, the Members of the Council and the all membership of the JATS. I wish to tell you that I feel particularly close to you in these terrible and difficult events that strike your beautiful country.
Here in Europe we admire the courage and the dignity of the Japanese Population and we hope that individually you had not to suffer from these events.
As personal invited guest of the JATS in the past and because of personal ties with some of the Members of the JATS I wanted to let you  know my sincere compassion in these days.

With best regards,

Francis Fontan MD
Founding Father and first President of the
European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
A Message from STS President Michael J. Mack, MD
Dear Dr. Colleague,

News and television reports have conveyed the horrifying devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, but the extent of human suffering is unimaginable. As President of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons, on behalf of the Society I want to reach out to our fellow STS members in Japan. Our condolences and concerns are with you and the Japanese people in this time of disaster.
I speak for all members when I say that we wish you the strength and courage to prevail in this difficult time.
Please let us know what the Society can do to help our Japanese friends, their families, patients, and countrymen and women in this time of sadness.


Michael J. Mack, MD
Dear Colleague:

Your colleagues and friends at the ACCP and The CHEST Foundation are saddened and concerned by the news of the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that are affecting Japan and the Pacific Rim.
We hold you, your families, and your friends in our thoughts as you begin to recover from this disaster. We will continue to monitor the situation along with you and are prepared to offer assistance and support.


David Gutterman, MD, FCCP
President, American College of Chest Physicians

投稿日時: 2011.03.15